Audi Rear View Camera Installation Guide

*** Please scroll down for model specific instructions. Please read through the entire guide first. This is work in progress, please contact us or leave feedback/comments at the bottom Thanks!

Common To All Audi Models

!!! Caution !!!
All units are powered by CANBUS via plug and play harness. ** Please DO NOT tap/slice into fuse or anything else for power (as seen in other online videos), **. The red and yellow (12V Acc and 12V Constant/Battery) wires of the camera input cable below are OUTPUT only and should NOT be used (unless to power front camera, for example).

Camera input harness diagram

General Installation Process

Typically installation can be done in three steps, verify completion of each step before proceeding to the next.

  1. Install and test main camera module in the front: double check DIP Switch setting on the main module to match your make/model/year/screen resolution, remove console trim piece to hook up the “main module” to factory display. At this point, you should be able shift in reverse and get the reverse screen. If unable to get the reverse screen to show up, do basic troubleshooting or contact us for help. See a video walk through of 2016 Audi A4 with MMI Navigation below
  2. Hook up and test camera in the front, a quick 2 minute test to ensure end to end before you tear up the trunk.
  3. Finally install camera in trunk and run wires to the main module, properly connect, secure and conceal all wires, make sure there is NO kink or stress around trunk hinge area when open and close trunk lid.
Video of Step 1: 2016 A4 with MMI Navigation

More videos to come, stay tuned…..

***Must READ: Model Specific Installation Guide ***

!!! Important !!! Please see installation guide below for wiring instruction, do not rely on other online video tutorials for wiring instruction. Please go over the entire installation guide first, make sure DIP switch settings match your model/year/configuration first as well.

A4/A5/A6/Q5 without navigation ==>>> AMI Camera Installation Guide
A4/A5/A6/Q5 with MMI navigation ==>>> MMI 3G Camera Installation Guide
A3/Q3/Q7 ===>>> MIB/MIB 2.0 Camera installation guide

Other helpful online resources

For reference only, mostly meant to show trim removal, trunk liner removal, wire routing etc., our kits are newer with new hardware and firmware, so please DO NOT TAP INTO fuse box as shown in these videos, as that may damage the module. One of the most common question is our KIT does NOT come with fuse tap or tan/brown connector to fuse panel by glove box, that is by design as fuse tap is *** not NEEDED ***

These guys put in great efforts to help out the community, please up-vote and subscribe to their videos!

Audi A4/A5:

Audi Q5:

Audi A3 resources:

Also tons of other info available online, just search for “Audi rear camera install” etc.,

Contact Us

Any other question feel free to reach out, we’re here to help! Sometimes a quick call is all it takes to unblock the install. Prefer email, text then call.

James @ Halo Motorsports, email us Text or call 425.679.9292 Pacific Time

General Trouble Shooting


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