Toyota recall 191,000 Corolla/Matrix

Sales Tax incentive for USED Electrical Vehicle

It’s getting evening better, starting August 1st, 2019, including plug-in Hybrid with EV range over 30 miles.

Top Rated Dealer

Used Car Economics 101

If you are in the market for a car, experts advise to get only what you can afford and not to buy new.  This even more true in the age of $50k+ new luxury cars, SUV and trucks. While it’s tempting to splurge, best-selling author of “The Automatic Millionaire” David Bach has said that can …

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What’s The No. 1 car among millennials? Not what you think?

Young people are often said to splurge on indulgences, are they all driving Audi BMW? or the stunning NIO ES8 all electric SUV? Click on the photo below to find out, based on latest insurance data

Consumer Report Worst Cars, Trucks and SUVs of 2019

Is your car on the list? Interesting to see the famous Taco (Toyota Tacoma) on the list, as it consistently enjoyed the highest resale value of any vehicle on the market. ->>

Winter wonderland

Why you shouldn’t expect a bargain on a used car

This explains why wholesale prices have been going up since beginning of 2018, especially at $10000-15000 range. We have the seen the same cars cost up to 1000-1500 more than last year, go figure!    

Buyers with good credit turning to used cars

Once upon a time a brand new family sedan cost “merely” $5000-8000, unfortunately that’s no longer true today considering these recently published data: Average Auto Loan Amount > $30,000 Average Auto Loan Monthly Payment > $500 Average Loan Term : 68 month … follow the link to read more

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